Colour for Your Logo

Ways to Determine the Best Colour for Your Logo?

Choosing the right colour for your logo is an important process. According to numerous studies, the right logo colour can improve how a customer thinks about that brand. Successful businesses use the colour pallets for choosing the right colour for their logo. Before painting with just any colour take your time and find out what each colour represents. Let’s look at some colours and see what each describes.


The colour red symbolises strength and greatness. But it should be used with care. The red colour excites the nervous system, and it ignites a mixture of feelings from love, passion, fear and aggression. If you want to push your clients in making decisions, then this colour would be best for your logo.


Yellow is a colour that depicts warmth, creative thinking and fun. The yellow colour is associated with positive emotions which can be tiresome at times. Besides, this colour prompts one to action. Unlike the red colour, yellow creates more of festive vibes and is action oriented without any aggression or passionate feelings. If you want your company to depict, joy and warmth make sure you use this bright colour in your company logo.


Light blue and dark blue fall into the category of dark colours. But this is just a metaphor as colours aren’t associated with temperatures. Blue is mainly termed as the colour of the ocean and the sky. It soothes, calms and increases the level of focusing when one is at work. It’s hard for the colour blue to spur decision making in customers, but once it’s done, you will have the client’s loyalty for years.


 Orange is situated between the red and yellow colour in the colour pallet. Orange combines the feelings of the two colours. It might seem that mixing two colours won’t have any effect at all. The colour orange is a cosy and subtle colour which creates a comfy and homey atmosphere.


Green mostly depicts the colour of nature, and it describes freshness and a healthy lifestyle. It can communicate decision making as well as serenity. Green is a balance of the above four colours. If you want a logo that symbolises harmony and simplicity, then you will have to go green.


Colours can significantly affect the perception of your company to the customers. The above colours will substantially help you in selecting the right colour for your logo which will emphasise the identity of your brand.


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